Live OUT Loud, in partnership with The OUT Foundation, invites you to host an exclusive group fitness class of your choice at your Studio/Gym (Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Barre, etc.) so you can #sweatforacause and promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity and acceptance!  We’ve also provided great promotional items for you to use along the way.  To get started, see our seven easy steps below. 


Start by completing the form below.  Once your event is officially registered, a Live OUT Loud team member will work with you to create a customized online registration and fundraising page to share to your friends, family and community.

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Step 2.  Customized Event Page

No need for you to take on the task of creating an Eventbrite or a MindBody page.  In about 5 - 7 days of submitting your registration form above, we will set up a customized webpage for you to promote your Live OUT Loud event to help drive sign-up and fundraising!   

Step 3.  Invite Your Guests

Begin to invite your guests by asking them to register for your Live OUT Loud through the customized registration and fundraising page that you'll be provided with. We suggest that all donations be collected online but they may also be collected in person with proceeds benefitting The OUT Foundation.  If collected in person, you can make a donation directly to the The OUT Foundation online for the amount received.      

To gain maximum awareness, we encourage social sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.  All registered events will appear on our website and event calendar with added promotions via our social channels.

Step 4.  Put Your Own Spin On It

Live OUT Loud events can come in any shape or size: Bootcamp or Spin classes for groups of 20, a 5k for groups of 50, etc.  Make it yours.  

In addition to the marketing collateral we create for you - create your own e-blasts, posters, etc. so you can add your own spin with official branding. Download the Live OUT Loud Logo and The OUT Foundation Logo to use on your promotions.

Step 5.  #sweatforacause

At your Live OUT Loud event, you'll be sweating for a cause during workout with tons of special people from your network.  So let's document your support of LGBTQ+ inclusivity and access to fitness by posting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you and your crew are now officially part of the Live OUT Loud family!  Tag  and #sweatforacause to allow us to celebrate with you.  We will also share with our social network the good work that you're doing.